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Link to Los Alamos Airport Basin Project

Photos of the Los Alamos Airport Basin Project


Link to Fence Photos 

Photos of the fence along the United States border with Mexico. We have been asked to do some testing on the fabrication and installation.


In the photos below, J. D. Inspection has provided the owners with Special Inspection and Testing as required and directed by the IBC (International Building Code) and project requirements in the following disciplines:  

  • Weld Inspection and Testing
  • Steel Frame Inspection
  • High Strength Bolting Inspection

Project = PJ Aircraft Relocation

Kirtland AFB, Albuquerque, NM.

Fracture Critical Bridge Testing

Stressed crane hook

Bridge Girder Work

Hook MT

Del Norte High School

Tower Crane Pedestals


Sign Structure Inspections

Sign Structure Fabrication

Santa Rosa 1936 Bridge

La Vida Llena Phase V Project

Pipeline Inspections

University of New Mexico West


Hewlett Packard Building


Rio Rancho City Hall

Below are several photos of other

projects we have completed.


 South West High School - Albuquerque New Mexico

Working on a 1962 route 66 bridge

Albuquerque Studios - Truss inspections - Building 6


Albuquerque Studios - Building 6

Inspecting a 36 inch S.V. Directional drill.

NSSB Magnetic Particle Crack testing in the field

San Pedro Pipe Lamination testing.

Testing of the steel on the "New Mexico Scorpions" NEW Hockey Stadium

New Mexico Scorpions Hockey Stadium Column.

Testing the integrity of the installation of several wind turbines at a Wind Farm

East Valley Crane

Red Mesa Hospital

Three Springs Durango

Three Springs Building D

Welding Ductile Iron Pipe

Raw II Ped Bridge

Raw II Truss Members

Load Test on a crane


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